Responsive Web Design – No longer a Good-to-Have, it’s a MUST-Have.

Online shopping, checking out places, connecting with friends, finding partners… All these activities can now be done at our utmost convenience with just a few clicks in our mobile phones.


To dwell on whether mobile marketing is recommendable is no longer an option because we already know that it is; statistics can prove it very well for us. The need to adjust is essential to keep up with the consumers’ demands and because the use of internet via mobiles has been increasing constantly, a seamless, primal, quality user experience on mobiles, tablets and desktops are vital in every growing business.


Mobile users tend to stray away from websites that are difficult to navigate around and tends to look for somewhere else, meaning what could have been your client is now someone else’s client.  Don’t let this happen.


  1. Google Prioritizes Responsive Design

From 21st April 2015, Google implemented some significant changes in their algorithm that indicated the need to go mobile responsive because a single URL makes it easy for Google to index, resulting to higher ranks in their search engine results.  In addition to that, user experience is what they would prefer to prioritize the most and what better way to ensure that but with responsive web designs.


  1. A Total User Experience

Because of its flexibility in all platforms, convenience and the satisfaction of customers are guaranteed; bounce rates are also lowered.  What happens is that when a user goes to a website and immediately goes back to the search engine results page, Google sees this move as something that makes the content of your site not relevant enough to be prioritized and therefore, leads to your website dropping down in Google’s ranking.  This shouldn’t be the case.  We all want our visitors to feel comfortable  and excited to navigate anywhere around your website using any kind of device.


  1. Higher Chance in Return of Investment (ROI)

Since web standards are constantly upgrading, most likely your competitors are already using this type of design in their websites.  Responsive Design provides easier maintenance and favorable navigation around the website.

If the website visitors like your website then there is a higher chance for them to buy your products, resulting to a higher chance in increase of sales.  The convenience and efficiency of this design spikes up your return of investment.